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Serious Puppy Love, Doggy Treats

When I was a kid my dad salvaged scraps from dinner and certain leftovers became primo cuisine for our dogs. They ate well and seemed healthy. Does anybody do that anymore? I thought about that when I read that 25 – 50% of the food we produce in the U.S. goes to *waste.


ezzie-1 ezzie-2

Not sure what my dad would think, but here’s a doggy treat worth a second glance if you’d like to make your own and avoid the packaged variety, if you’d like to have an actual use for leftover fats, if you want to save a few bucks, and finally if you just want to do something nice for your best friend.

My daughter suggested a homemade dog food posting months ago. Good idea, but what? Except for my dad’s version, dog food from scratch is not exactly my forte. And then I discovered that the Cooking Up a Story website has a great piece on doggy treats, a dynamite recipe and slideshow to go with.  If you’d like to give your dog a little somethin’ that says ‘I LOVE YOU’ check this out.  This link takes you to the article, the recipe and finally to the slideshow, an awesome how-to combo.

Cooking Up a Story, Homemade Dog Treats

Have fun.  And remember these treats are for your dog, though I think they’d be great at a party. I can see the cheese platter now, cow and goat-shaped doggy treats with the appropriate artisinal cheese on the side. How cute would that be? Or, maybe not.

Surprise Birthday, 10/05 - 7

Feline treats too, coming soon. Horsey treats? kitty

From Cooking Up a Story, *Why Is So Much Food Wasted?

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