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Hard Core at the Farmers Market

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This is when eating local gets interesting, or shall I say challenging? Up until now, I’ve been spoiled with all that has been available at the University Farmers Market. After a few weeks of freezing temperatures and heavy snow, it is amazing to find any vendors still at the market. On Saturday, this is what it looked like around 9 AM. Pretty impressive, given the circumstances. Needless to say, there wasn’t a green vegetable of any description in sight. Several of the regular vendors suffered extensive damage to greenhouses and crops. My hope is that they will recover quickly and their losses aren’t too extensive. Don’t get me wrong, there is still plenty to buy and it’s well worth a trip to the University District on Saturday morning, if for nothing else but to support the vendors that still have something to sell. Here’s some of what I bought —

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Rockridge Orchards has a good supply of dark and light honey — so perfect in a steamy hot cup of tea.

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Dylan at Loki Fish has some sushi-grade sockeye that made an excellent home-cured salmon appetizer for Christmas Eve.

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Skagit River Ranch has eggs and bacon for breakfast and soup bones for the incredible pho I made yesterday and will tell you about in the coming weeks.

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And a quick stop at La Panzanella for some of their fresh foccacia.

This is only a sampling of what you can find. There are also potatoes, apples, oysters and lots more. I hope we haven’t seen the last of the vegetables until spring but in the meantime, try to go and support the vendors that have braved the weather to bring us our local food.

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