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A Secretary of Food?

Among other things, MixedGreens blog is focused on food preparation. You’ve probably noticed. Cooking meals, simply that, is a huge contribution to living green – fewer fast and processed foods are required, and whole foods from local sources provide fresh ingredients that characterize and support a particular locale.

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Some people hate to cook and maybe always will, but others might discover something creative and satisfying in the preparation of a meal. (Meditative even? I could wax poetic about the benefits of preparing one’s own meals.)

We also want to educate ourselves about food production. What are the relationships, the stories about agriculture, agribusiness, small farms and farmer’s markets that directly affect our tables? This NY Times article which appeared in the PI last week addresses food production and is another plea to a President about reforming food production and our thinking about it.

Have a look at Obama’s Secretary of Food if you haven’t already.  Nicholas Kristof starts out quoting Michael Pollen:  “We’re subsidizing the least healthy calories in the supermarket – high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated soy oil, and we’re doing very little for farmers trying to grow real food.” Kristof builds a case in a relatively short op-ed piece about why and how we might attend to food production differently.  248 comments/retorts so far and they’re as informative and interesting as the article itself.

And, Green Holidays . . . these sites are worth checking out during the holidays and bookmarking for future reference:

Seattle Times Home and Garden section recently published Easy Ways to Make the Holidays Green and Jolly; and, The National Geographic Green Guide to Shopping is a great source of information about shopping, from jewelry to cat food.

I just received this email from Rob at Vashon’s Plum Forest Farm (holding carrots in photo above):

Due to the weather, the farm stand is closed until things thaw.  I
double covered the salad greens plus they have a blanket of snow, so
if we are lucky and the cold doesn’t stay too low too long, there may
still be salad later in the year.  I expect many other crops to make
it and will let you know when we open the farm stand again.
If you haven’t ordered pears, you still can. We have orders for 25 so
it looks like it is likely to be a go.


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  1. Pollan’s super, and your photos are so cheering when I look at my garden and see the poor chard, bushed by snow! Wonder if it’s cookable. (Isn’t everything?)

    Keep on mixing things up, Sally!