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What to Know About Pie Dough

Not sure if it’s the turkey, the cranberries or the pumpkin pie that reigns supreme on Thanksgiving, but we know that pies close the show.

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I found these two videos the other day that are succinct, two or three minutes each, and show exactly how to mix and then roll out pie dough. Though I watched my grandmother make pies often and have the sweetness of that memory as a guide, I found these video tutorials to be helpful. Doesn’t hurt to roll into the holidays with a little review.

Pie Pumpkins and apples are in season in the PNW, cranberries and lingonberries, pears – all excellent pie material if you have pie-making prowess to go with. Get rollin’ via these brief videos:

How to Make Pie Dough

How to Roll Out Pie Dough

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