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This Lawn is Your Lawn

We’ve already mentioned Michael Pollan’s open letter to the soon-to-be Farmer in Chief, Barack Obama. Then there is Eat the View, a group urging Obama to plant a victory garden on the White House lawn. There are many priorities facing our new president but given our the country’s financial situation and the urgency for environmental action, these ideas are not so far-fetched. This fun and informative video from Kitchen Gardeners International gives us a short historical perspective on edible landscaping around the White House. It’s a great idea since we as taxpayers are already paying for the maintenance of the 18 acres but even more exciting is the example it would set. I heard Obama on 60 Minutes lamenting the fact that he can no longer just go out in his neighborhood and take a walk. Maybe walking in a kitchen garden could give him some of the same kind of satisfaction.

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  1. Thanks for digging this up, Poppy. Wilson and Roosevelt had it right with their ideas about edible landscape and victory gardens. Growing food nearby still make so much sense.