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Compassionate Bees Emulate Nation’s Angst


Queen Cells in the Hives, Oh No. This recent blog posting at Sunset’s one-block diet site is about bees, but on national Election Day I’m reading between the lines. Check it out. Dontcha think this dissatisfied hive of bees sounds familiar? Anyway, I find the Sunset posting apropos. It reminds me that healthy beehives and a healthy electorate have a few things in common. You could say that our survival depends upon both.

mason bees 19 Standing on a ladder early this spring, I thought I would photograph our industrious, introverted little Mason bees. I was pretty, errr, focused when finally, finally I paid attention to the increasingly fussy hum happening around my head. I rapidly excused myself.

We have fruit trees and are indebted to Mason bees for pollination and abundant annual crops. Presently they’re sleeping harmoniously with one another in their three bee houses attached to the side of the garage. If they could wake up and vote . . . who would be their next queen?

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