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A Green Recession?

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Can our bad economy have a silver lining? One way to look at it is that we may end up with a cleaner environment and a healthier population despite ourselves. The recent spike in the price of gas reportedly had an effect on our driving habits. Many people have considered and are using alternatives to the one-driver car. At the very least, we are consolidating our commutes and errands, trying to keep driving to a minimum. There is so much talk about alternative energy it seems very unlikely that we aren’t headed in that direction.

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According to the Food Marketing Institute, ” More people are eating home-cooked meals. 83 percent do so at least three times a week “. Less fast food, growing more of your own food — these may be things that you have been doing all along, but now it appears to be going mainstream even if some people are not going there willingly. The rising price of prepared foods may be good news for Slow Food and those of us promoting local food.

Having less or no work can be scary and unsettling. For those of us who have been primarily self-employed, we know the routine. When you have a lot of work, it can feel stressful, on the other hand, when a job is ending or times are slow, it is hard not to feel anxious. Best case scenario is being able to use the extra time to take care of yourselves and your family without succumbing to anxiety about the future.

Tara Parker-Pope states in her recent article,” Are Bad Times Healthy?” whether the current economic slump will take a toll on your own health depends, in part, on your health habits when times are good”. At the same time more people are cooking from scratch and depending less on their cars, health care costs are going up and job security is questionable. If you are basically healthy and have some good ways to deal with stress, more than likely you will stay that way and you may even adopt some new positive habits to become even healthier.

This is a time when despite all the bad news, there can be some good news. It’s a good time to get back to the basics and start working toward to a more sustainable future.

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