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Living Sustainably in the Pacific Northwest


Life in a Sustainable Slower Lane

Speed dial epitomizes our penchant for zooming from one thing to the next. The possibility of increased sustainability makes the effort to chill worthwhile, to slow down and simultaneously save fuel and bucks.Canadian Rockies 13

We’re aware of the need to decrease fuel consumption, but it’s as tough to go on a fuel diet as it is to stop eating chocolate. Seeing gas mileage information on a well organized website recently had a renewed impact for me. These stats and suggestions are reminders of how and why to drive less if you can and improve gas mileage while doing so. Take a breath, slow down and savor the slow lane.December-January 15 Each of the following resources provide food for thought about alternatives to gas guzzling habits: Fuel Economy, which has lots of explicit information about conserving fuel; Goose Networks, a Seattle-based website who’s goal is to provide convenient alternatives to driving alone. Goose Networks is definitely worth bookmarking and remembering. (Thanks to Audrey at Eat Local Northwest for the heads up about this important local resource.) And finally a video documenting an annual supermileage competition with college students coming up with some amazing ideas about how to build a vehicle that will go a long, long way on just a dribble of fuel, say a thousand miles to the gallon!

Will obsolete hubcaps become collectors items? Canadian Rockies 14

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  1. It’s absolutely insane that Detroit has spent decades fighting the merest rise standard fuel efficiency. So it’s great to see young innovators on the job. While waiting for the 1000-mpg car, you might check out local company Goose Networks, which helps to connect commuters up with shared rides, using cell phone and web-based technology, at goosenetworks.com. There’s a free carpooling widget on the website that organizations can download to help take cars off the road.