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Our Own Fish Story, Loki Fish

Sunday night is fish night at our house, usually salmon from Loki Fish. We buy a piece at the Farmers Market, take it home and cook it right away.

Loki Fish 2

This is a family owned and run business. Take a look at owner Pete Knutson’s profile on the PCC website; he’s an experienced fisherman/environmentalist and more. While father Pete and brother Jonah are out fishing, Dylan handles the retail side at local markets. As with Billy’s, Whistling Train, Stoney Plains, Sea Breeze, Alm Hill and other vendors, the weekly exchange with our fishermen and women brings us to connection with the uniqueness of our region and its indigenous whole food.Loki Fish 13

All of Loki’s fish comes from Puget Sound or Alaska, they deal with no processors, no middlemen whatsoever, but sell directly to consumers at Seattle Markets. This video, Jonah’s Boat, shows how twenty-six year old Jonah is experiencing the fishing season on his own boat, following in his father’s footsteps at least in this regard. The brief video provides a glimpse of the people connected with putting fresh fish on our tables, in this case by fishermen who are environmentally and sustainably conscientious. We see that a beautiful setting is some compensation, but fishing for a living has its ups and downs.

Loki partners with a local smokehouse, Felix’s, to make their smoked salmon. Loki Fish 6 Dylan described Felix’s simple, clean approach to smoking the fish with organic honey and salt. That’s it. No nitrates or preservatives at all which may be why their smoked salmon is phenomenal. Whenever we buy fish at Loki, the meal we make – often barbecued salmon cooked atop a bed of fennel stalks – is imbued with whatever scoop we’ve been served that morning from the Loki crew. We learn a little something about the fish we’re getting that week – where it came from, what’s coming up next, what’s gone for this year, sometimes a bit about the politics of it all.

We’ll be hiking in the Canadian Rockies in a few days and their smoked salmon will be one of the PNW foods we’ll carry along with us. What will we find there, we wonder, that will be delicious, seasonal, local?

Loki Fish is making plans for online sales via their website in the near future. Loki Fish 8

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  1. Hi, my name is Erik Bell and I’m helping the Knutsons put together their new website and wanted to see if I could get your permission to link to your blog entry from August 28th. Actually, I have already linked to it as I got ahead of myself , but thought I would let you know if you did have any issue with that. Thanks for your work and your feedback, I appreciate it 🙂


  2. Yes, of course we love being linked! Appreciation is mutual. Thank you, Erik.