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Attending to Carbon Foodprints

December-January 57 Accustomed to whatever food we crave whenever we want it regardless of the season, the cost of that to the planet has been disregarded or closeted until recently. A colossal carbon footprint is often required to put off-season food on our plates. It’s hard to face since we’re not prone to radical change on the supper table. Our stomach wants what it wants.

This New York Times article, Movable Feast Carries A Pollution Price Tag (4/26/08) with its accompanying video, is a good source of information about food carbon footprinting and provides useful perspective in making decisions about living green. Stepping lightly, living locally doesn’t have to be a crash diet, they usually fail, but a choice to do what we can reasonably accomplish a little bit at a time. Small actions toward sustainability. If the crash diet approach is appealing, go for it. Some would argue that’s what is necessary.

A good time to check out Anne Lappe’ and Bryant Terry’s book, Grub, and explore their related website which focuses particularly on sustainability in relation to food. They do so while being mindful of the practical reality of our daily lives.

December-January 19

This is a curtain call for ‘carbon foodprints’ which was posted previously.

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  1. These photos remind me of the desperate need to limit our consume/dispose habits.

    While I’m on the fence about whether a crash diet is the only way, I’m not sure why we are all finding it difficult to realize that if we don’t start some kind of diet, we’ll all crash…