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Growing Our Food: Stoney Plains Organic Farm

Stoney Plains Organic Farm is another vendor who’s become a familiar part of the Pacific Northwest Farmer’s Market scene.

mid-june new camera 41 mid-june new camera 44 July 08 5 One of the reliable, upbeat purveyors of local organic food, they bring their seasonal array to our neighborhood markets, including Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Patrick Meyer is the amiable farmer who makes it even more worthwhile. I overheard his brother say to a shopper recently, “Ask Patrick, he’s the farmer.” He’s knowledgeable and passionate about his produce and about making sure everyone gets their questions answered. Maybe it’s in his genes. His family began small scale organic farming in the 70’s and have been selling at farmers markets in Olympia, Washington since 1978.

Each August I make dill pickles the way my grandmother taught me, or at least I try. Every year she would remind me to get the freshest pickles possible, ‘picked that morning’, she would say. Some years I succeed in that regard, some years not so much. Last year for the first time we pre-ordered (one week in advance) fifteen pounds of pickling cucumbers from Stoney Plains. Delivered as promised, they were the best so far – and I’ve been doing this a while. With their assistance we hope to pull it off again this year. Maybe I shouldn’t divulge my secret source, there are only so many pristine pickling cukes to go around. Never mind, in a few weeks I’ll even share the recipe.

In May we scored some of our favorite tomato plants at Stoney Plains, cherries & tomatoes 15 first tomatoes & salsa 5 now literally bearing the fruits of our collective labor.

Whistling Train, Billy’s, Plum Forest Farm, Stoney Plains Organic Farm – we’ll feature more local farmers in the next few weeks – we appreciate the seasonal food they bring to us, each crop another reminder that the PNW has a particular culinary character of its own that is unique in the world. Buying food at the Farmers Market for one or more meals each week ensures local flavor on our table and is a powerful sustainable practice. Stoney Plains Organic Farm, thanks for your help.

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Prodigal Son Returns to Organic Farm is a PI story about Stoney Plains Farm which recounts Patrick’s and his family’s journey in creating a viable business as organic farmers, July 08 1 definitely worth reading.

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  1. I became a member of their CSA this year and am really impressed with the variety of produce I get each week. I signed up for a partial share, which provides enough food for me and plenty left over to share big salads with my office mates.

    Looking forward to your pickle recipe!

  2. Thanks for the 411, Sally. Keep the intel coming!