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“Call of the Honeybees”

Flowers, pollination, nectar, devotion to a queen, their utter busyness and single mindedness, the efficiency of their operation; a piece of warm toast slathered with melting butter and sweet honey. Sweet honey. We love most things about honeybees, especially the honey part. We write poems about them. They conveniently appear in our language when we need an idiomatic phrase like the bees knees, busy as a bee, a bee in your bonnet, sting like a bee, the birds and the bees . . .

On the other hand, we’re obsessed with their ability to sting, and our caring about their survival has been tempered with this edginess we may have about their presence among us. Perhaps we’ve been slow to acknowledge their duress. Growing food is impossible or impossibly complicated without bees, so understanding their stress, demonstrated in the widespread collapse of colonies, is important. This informative and short video will get you to thinking about it all and perhaps answer a question or two.

Thanks to Cooking Up A Story for this and other excellent videos relating to sustainability.

The Great Sunflower Project provides an opportunity to participate in gathering information about bees. You’re invited to help out.

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