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Elliott Bay Brew Pub . . .

. . . a local business to believe in.

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A couple of months ago I posted a comment from Kurt Timmermeister of Kurtwood Farm on Vashon Island describing his thoughts about living locally. He said, among other things: I want to move from just eating locally to living life and doing business locally with a vision to what I want my community to look like. Whole Foods has some great products, but it is a large company, centered in Texas. The idea is every dollar spent is a vote for the businesses you believe in.

Elliott Bay Brew Pub is that kind of business. West Seattle and Burien patrons love their pub for its brew, delicious organic food, and comfy, friendly service, all the things we want in a neighborhood hangout. What we might not have known is that Elliott Bay Brewery is strongly committed to sustainable practices and has been for a long time. After years of quietly conducting business according to personal environmental imperatives, they’ve become leaders among local businesses in efforts toward sustainability. For example, it appears they’ve been the inspiration for other West Seattle restaurants’ recent change to composting.

The other day I talked with co-owner Todd Carden, general manager Liz Schroeder, and executive chef Kerry White about the brewery’s commitment to sustainability. Kerry described how the owners Todd Carden and Brent Norton implement business practices that make good sense to them, and create a working community that reflects a broader community they wish to be a part of.

mid-june new camera 29 While sitting at Elliott Bay Brew Pub with friends recently I read the table tent with its description of various brews and appetizers, and also a list of their sustainable practices. How often is that on the menu! We were impressed. Almost everything in my scrumptious Fajita Chicken salad was local and organic. Turns out they were just getting started and there was/is more going on in the background:

  • Wind power use
  • Commitment to organic products
  • Expended grain reuse in bread-making
  • From scratch, in-house cooking
  • Fair trade coffee
  • Local beef and produce
  • Revolutionary restaurant composting practices
  • Biodegradable fuel use in company vehicles
  • Biodegradable plastic bags (made of corn)
  • A green team that evaluates all company procedures in relation to sustainability
  • Close to receiving organic certification of their brewery facility

mid-june new camera 32 General Manager Liz Schroeder says that “composting has meant a lot to Elliott Bay, a smaller dumpster for garbage and the awareness of just how much of our everyday waste can be composted. Composting has helped empower the staff by making them feel like they are a part of something bigger, something that is helping the environment. All of our staff is big time into the green way, reduce, reuse, recycle.”

Bottom line is that it’s just a great place to hang out, have a brew and some good food.

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West Seattle

4720 California Ave. SW

Seattle, WA 98116

Tel: 206.932.8695

Fax: 206.932.0532


255 SW 152nd St.

Burien, WA 98166

Tel: 206.246.4211

Fax: 206.246.0862

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