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Rhubarb Jam & Java, Good Mornin’

Rhubarb jam on a piece of toast with a cup of java on the side, the way to begin a day.

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Rhubarb is still in season so there’s definitely time to indulge in a few more pies and crisps, sauce, and this jam. Spread it on a piece of toast, a pancake, a waffle, a muffin, or stir some into a bowl of yogurt. It’s another good excuse to consume more rhubarb, and this jam practically makes itself, no pectin required, just rhubarb and honey.

And then there’s the coffee to go with the toast and jam. There are plenty of coffee shops around and I’m an occasional patron, but I love making my own in the morning. The daily ritual means at least as much to me as the java itself. The pouring of boiling water over freshly ground beans, followed by the experience of their steamy aroma and darkly iridescent bubbles – it’s a morning meditation. Using a battery-powered frother (aero latte), I whip warm milk until it’s silky, pour it on top of the strong coffee and have myself a handmade latte. I deliver a cuppa Joe to Bob and our day begins.

Creating the morning cup of coffee is, for me, a gratifying, meditative ritual that happens to also save a lot of paper coffee cups, rushed commuter java stops, and a few bucks. Take a thermos or travel mug with you when you head out if you want more. Could be another small action toward sustainability.

Shoulda been a barista.

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Rhubarb Jam Recipe

4 cups rhubarb chopped into ½” pieces, usually 2-3 stalks. Put rhubarb into a sauce pan. Add a pinch of salt and no liquid. Slowly heat and stir. As soon as juices begin to release turn heat down, put the lid on, and cook for eight – ten minutes more or until rhubarb is tender. Simmer a few more minutes with the lid off to further thicken the mixture.

Stir in ½ cup *honey – a little more if you’d like it sweeter – and a pinch of cinnamon.

If you want the jam to be less ‘chunky’ press the rhubarb pulp gently with a fork.

Let cool and spread it on whatever. The jam doesn’t congeal, but firms up a bit as it cools and becomes the right consistency for spreading.

Spread rhubarb jam on a piece of toast, rhubarb jam 12 or add peanut butter and surprise yourself with a peanut butter & rhubarb san.

Rhubarb’s available in backyards and at Farmers Markets these days. That’s where I got the *Dark Wildflower Honey made by Tahuya River Apiaries.

More rhubarb recipes. Rhubarb Crisp & Sauce; Rhubarb-Thyme Jam; Rhubarb-Thyme Tonic.

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  1. What a way to start the day!

  2. I don’t even drink coffee but your description of the ritual makes me wish I had a cup right now.

  3. I am drinking my morning coffee and reading this and really feeling it! Chris and I cannot do without our dark roast, fair trade, organic coffee. In fact we love to take everything we need minus the coffee maker whenever we travel. We also experimented with coffee on the camp fire last time we camped (still working on that one).

  4. do you put the jam in the freezer or does it ned to be canned?

  5. Chardel, sorry about delay. I’ve been gone. I didn’t freeze this jam, just made it and refrigerated it for a couple of weeks or until it was gone. It would be fine to freeze.