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Local Food Action Initiative Passes

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Phyllis Shulman in Richard Conlin’s office sent an email this week saying, “The Local Food Action Initiative resolution passed. In the process many (and I mean many) people contacted our office to share ideas, show interest and ask questions about the Initiative. The time seems really ripe for taking actions related to the local food economy and working towards the goals described in the resolution. We are in the process of working with community partners to develop next steps and take action”.

This is great news for all interested in a comprehensive sustainability plan regarding local food in our community. I remember hearing Frances Moore Lappe speak in support of this plan. I was so inspired by the work she is doing and her far-reaching vision.

As it turns out, many other people have been inspired too. She was awarded the James Beard Foundation 2008 Humanitarian Award earlier this month. For those who aren’t familiar with the awards, they are like the Oscars for all aspects of the food industry. In looking at the list of 2008 nominees and award winners, the Seattle area is well-represented. We live in a great place to be doing what we’re doing — spreading the word about living and eating locally and sustainably.

Check out this video featuring Frances Moore Lappe, her work and her vision. It is easy to see why she won the James Beard award.

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