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GOOD FOOD: An intimate look at the growers of sustainable food in the Pacific Northwest

GOOD FOOD, a film that premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, is about farmers and ranchers with a commitment to safe, thoughtful food production in our region. Film festival friends say it’s wonderful. Plus, I hear Billy’s in it. It’s about time our celeb-conscious culture gave farmers and ranchers their standing ovation.

The following video preview of GOOD FOOD will whet your appetite. There’s a free public screening of the film at Seattle City Council at noon on July 9th, and Rover’s Restaurant is presenting a dinner on June 17th with a menu designed around farmers and products in the film – check out the incredible menu via their website. For those of us interested in the unique character of Pacific Northwest food production, this is a movie to see.

From Frances Moore Lappe, author of Diet for a Small Planet, and Hope’s Edge: “Couldn’t be more timely! A film made to awaken our taste buds and our courage to create a food system aligned with what the earth needs and what our bodies yearn for. GOOD FOOD shows us it’s possible. It’s happening!”

Melissa Young, producer of GOOD FOOD, emailed this comment: “Yesterday we heard on the news about another problem with salmonella in food, this time tomatoes. With the industrial food system, one batch of tomatoes that are processed in one location and then distributed all over the country can affect people everywhere.

The good news is that the local Pacific Northwest food system is growing and family farmers and ranchers are bringing us local, healthier food. GOOD FOOD celebrates the unsung heroes who are growing more sustainable food, and the stores, restaurants and consumers who prioritize buying these healthier products.”

The New York Times is doing a series called “The Food Chain” that examines changes in world food production

Future screenings of GOOD FOOD in our area:

King County screening in the works but no date yet
Chehalis Farmers Market Association dinner and film July 10th
The Clyde Theatre, Whidbey Island, August 12-14

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  1. Thanks for this. Will try to keep an eye open for the King County screening..