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Swapping Grass for Grub

Can we get by with less grass in the yard in exchange for some food on the table? Maybe we can. This video explains and shows the thinking behind Fritz Haeg’s vision for transforming grassy front yards into something more productive.

Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn, by Fritz Haeg; his website

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  1. I love this post! As I’ve mentioned on “Fat of the Land,” I’m not a big fan of the front lawn. I understand that a lot of families want open space for the kids to kick a ball around in the backyard–and that’s fine. But why the boring front lawn of monochromatic green grass running from door to sidewalk? It’s such a prissy holdover from Old World roots, where the concept of the well-manicured Victorian garden–that anchor against the wind of Godless wilderness–was in vogue, what, maybe 200 years ago.

    It frightens me to imagine how many chemicals homeowners are dumping on their grass lawns to keep those pesky weeds out. Wake up! Eat the weeds. Plus, the gardens the guy talks about in the vid are much more attractive and useful: plants for wildlife, plants for the dinner table. What’s not to love? We need a paradigm shift on this one. Thanks for sharing.