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The Organic Valley Story


Organic Valley, their label, logo and array of dairy products have become familiar. We see them in the dairy section of mainstream grocery stores everywhere now, but their business concept is anything but mainstream. Recognized as a model to aspire to in the sustainability movement, Organic Valley is a unique cooperative venture that is worth knowing about and supporting.

With goals of sustainability and helping to keep farmers on their land, OV supports small farmers and provides communities with organic dairy products, milk, butter, sour cream, cheese, eggs and more. It’s an enterprise that seems to put ethics, consumers and farmers first. What a concept. The cooperative now has 1,239 members from throughout the United States and several regional production centers.

This short video introduces you to a Pacific Northwest Dairy Farmer who switched to organic production and became a member of the Organic Valley cooperative. Thanks to Cooking Up A Story for this video.

Organic Dairyman, Part 2, The Farmer

Organic Valley’s mission statement

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  1. The video was a joy to watch, full of hopefulness and possibility. I love the way the dairy farmer decides that he wants his work to be natural instead of an “industry.” It was exciting how he discovered that all the industry-touted artificial additives and preventatives he had gotten used to (and had believed in the value of) could so easily be stripped away – and his cows would still produce. A lovely conversion story! And clearly from a very practical guy with his feet on the ground and lots of experience in the bank.