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A Small Action: Sweet Dreams On the Line

. . . the clothesline.

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Air-dried sheets and pillowcases are one of the luxuries of life, but the convenience of electric clothes dryers overrides the organic alternative right outside the door. We manage to dry ours outdoors all year long with surprisingly rare interference from weather. Sheets infused with the fragrance of a fresh green bouquet are bedtime bliss so we’ve become determined about this. We strategize how/if line drying is feasible on a given day, and we’ve rigged up a line that can be stretched from here to there when we need it.

After years of line drying for these personal reasons, I recognized the environmental bonus: that it’s a small but tangible action toward living green and especially meaningful if it becomes collective action. If this one sounds enticing, find a way to make it happen, for your own sweetest dreams first, and then for the planet’s.

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NY Times Article, A Line in the Yard: The Battle Over the Right to Dry Outside

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  1. I eagerly await warmer days for just this reason. Growing up, my mother dried laundry in the sun because we couldn’t afford a machine dryer and now I think the fresh smell of bedsheets dried in the sun is the happiest scent in the world, a thing I’ve never been able to reproduce any other way. And great for the planet, too.