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Be Inspired by Frances Moore Lappe

After seeing Frances Moore Lappe discuss the Local Food Action Intitiative at the City Council meeting a week ago, I am still thinking about some of her ideas concerning the issue of sustainability. Take a step back and let her help you see the big picture.

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  1. Thank you for this inspiring video. A nice pairing would be Michael Pollan’s more sheepishly hopeful recommendations in today’s “Why Bother?” (Which makes me want to ask, as Pollan does in his own way, WHY should any person feel apologetic about taking small, hopeful, constructive action steps? The helplessness Lappe’ mentions makes Americans all-too-easy targets for the prevailing irony and sarcasm about ideals in today’s popular culture – a spirit that cuts us off from our nation’s optimistic, “can-do” roots!) Pollan’s piece is in today’s NYT Sunday Magazine, which is completely devoted to “Green” topics.