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Today is my 57th birthday. There, I said it. I recently heard that Jamie Lee Curtis posed “nude” for the AARP magazine in honor of her 50th birthday. I’m not going to subject you to that and as it turns out, she was merely strapless (the new nude for seniors?). In the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to share a few of my reflections from the past year and hopes for the year to come.

Embarking on this blog, finding a voice for my urge to make a difference, with my remarkable friend Sally, has been a major positive factor this year. I have taken many creative avenues in my life, but this is the first one that has been truly collaborative and it is a joy. The photography aspect of it keeps me engaged in a form of visual storytelling that I’m only beginning to explore. The mystery of being involved in a virtual community still amazes me. The technological skills required are a challenge but so satisfying when I figure something out. Not knowing where this will lead us thrills my pioneering spirit.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my obsession with being a parent and grandparent is a little over the top. Be prepared to hear more of my unapologetic preoccupation in the future. Every little thing is captivating to me, but I promise not to start posting every cute photo I take (unless, of course, I can work it into an entry).

Remodeling has become a lifestyle for my husband and myself. Create and adjust, create and adjust. We are both looking forward to the completion phase of some of these projects. It seems like just as we start to finish, we dream up something else to do…

As for the year to come, I feel surprisingly hopeful and optimistic given the state of the world. One of the greatest benefits of getting older is being alive long enough to have a sense of perspective. I believe in the power of people to change for the better. Maybe I am just basking in the inspiration of having Frances Moore Lappe and the Dalai Lama here last week or maybe all the weekend sunshine went to my head but I am excited by all the possibilities I see.

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  1. Bravo and Happy Birthday.

  2. The world is a better place because you are in it, Poppy! Your smile and positive thoughts have rippled all the way to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and brought us a little sunshine. Happy Birthday from your sister who has loved you since the day you were born…

  3. I absolutely LOVE your photographs! So much so that I went out to take some of my own. Sadly, when I looked at them, they didn’t look like yours. 🙁 I’ll keep trying.

  4. AH, thank you. I’m so happy you like them.