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The Big Cheese

I’m making my first cheese soufflé next week. I imagine that creating this puff of cheese and egg confection will be a visual extravaganza of melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Considering my cavalier kitchen behavior, it will also be a pinnacle of sophistication for me, and I expect results for the discipline I’m willing to exert. We’ll see. If this works, the next one has to be chocolaty.

The curiosity, in part, is that there are now such beautiful local artisanal cheeses available at Farmers Markets and grocery stores in our region, a few of them listed below. If you love cheese, cook with cheese, you’ll be inspired by this video about artisanal cheese making. Maybe you’ll decide to whip up a soufflé with me next week.

Beecher’s Cheesemonger’s Tips
Mt. Townsend Creamery, Our ProcessBlack Sheep Creamery

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  1. I made a cheese souffle last week for the first time in probably twenty years. I used Alton Brown’s directions, and it was easy as can be!

  2. Thanks for encouragement. I’ll definitely take a look at Brown’s version.