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Sustainability, Worth the Effort: A Local Food Initiative

Stepping lightly and living locally, especially in regard to food, informs our point of view at Mixed Greens. So, we’re interested in Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin’s Local Food Action Initiative and we’d like to pass it on.

If initiatives and the city council seem a little too much to think about on a weekend, check it out via this link which provides a comprehensive yet user-friendly summary and an invitation to related events on Friday the 11th. http://seattle.gov/council/conlin/.

To paraphrase: Among the benefits of this proposal are increased support of local and regional agriculture, including community gardens; increased access to locally and regionally grown foods, especially for low-income households; community building through gardens and the promoting of farmers’ markets.

Speaking of gardens, a change of season is in high gear. Winter’s Brussels sprouts on the wane . . . IMG_4661.jpg

. . . apple and lilac buds promise a new season of regional foods and flowers. IMG_4671.jpg


How sweet it is. Whatever the requirements of sustainability, it will be worth it.

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