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In the garden radish and mesclun seedlings are up, a pot full despite inhospitable early spring weather. Common garden knowledge is that they can be planted early, and endure a cold spring. I’ve been skeptical since planting seeds twelve days ago, but here they are, popping miniscule leafy heads through the soil in spite of weather and squirrel intervention. Thyme, chives, parsley, rhubarb and artichokes are renewing themselves, are freshly green and beautiful. Chard and kale charged through winter and still maintain their robust dignity. The renegade head of romaine is a mystery.

IMG_3965.jpg IMG_3483.jpg

IMG_4325.jpg IMG_3441.jpg

I’m hoping for a hardy survival rate a couple of weeks from now when I may have tiny radishes. In the meantime, I’ll plant salad greens in the backyard plot. And so begins an annual garden routine, the rotating schedule of planting salad seed so that as we consume one crop there’s another waiting in the wings. Garden rhythm, it has a good beat and you can eat to it.

IMG_4336.jpg Want to plant something? Check 3/12 and 3/13 postings for a little instruction and resources.

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  1. On this frigid and unfriendly day, I get to read about growth and warmth and beauty and renewal — not to mention damn fine writing and photography. I love you guys and wish I’d started commenting sooner!!!

  2. I agree with Susan. It’s snowing hard now, and I turn from the whitening city street outside my window to gaze at your beautiful photo of a curly, colorful infant sprout – a promise of the springtime that the weather refuses so far to deliver. Your descriptions of the kale and chard and other plants in the garden are inspiring! Thank you.