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Another Kind of Local


Niece Flora is living in Thailand this year and in a recent email she reflected on ‘living local’ in her village there. Not exactly a political act, local is the necessity of everyday rural life in southeast Asia, and finding food from any distance at all is unlikely. An interesting perspective for us who are accustomed to having whatever we need flown in from wherever, whenever.

“With your blog, the biggest concern is to eat locally and in Seattle and all of the U.S. that is really a big concern. But since I am currently in Asia and was reading this from Asia, it struck me how odd this all is. Here it is difficult to find foods that are not grown locally. When you go shopping you go to the local market that is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and also meats. Farmers bring their own produce in to market from at most probably 20 miles away. I mean the idea of getting something from over 100 miles away is nearly unheard of. There is some seafood that is transported, and sometimes you can buy apples from Fiji or New Zealand. But you have to search for these things. It’s just such a different world, and it kind of makes you wonder how American eating habits got to be what they are today. I’ve been thinking about that a lot, and I thought it may interest you too.”

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We have Farmers Markets too, more all the time. Visits there can become a healthy habit and necessity of a different sort.

Photos: Tom and Deb, thank you.

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