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On the Local Table: A Local Meal

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I’ve been observing my own cooking and eating habits and am frankly impressed at how easy it has been to incorporate more and more local food. Granted, shopping for the week at the Farmers Market makes it much easier. But even on the occasional trip to QFC or Safeway, I find myself checking labels to see if they have a local alternative and choosing to buy local whenever I can.

If you are trying to make this transition yourself, a good place to begin is to cook one local meal a week. We are going to start giving you some examples of meals that we make using mostly, if not all, local ingredients.

This week’s local meal can be prepared in about an hour’s time using recipes we have already posted. The baked potato goes in the oven first, while it is baking, you can prepare the brussels sprouts (I left out the bacon for this meal) and the salmon. Since the salmon goes in the oven for about 10 minutes, you can put it in just as your potato is finishing.

All the main ingredients for our meal came from the University Farmers Market – the brussels sprouts from Nash’s Organic Produce , salmon from Loki Fish and russet potatoes from Full Circle Farm .

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