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A Call to Your Inner Farmer

Talk about local, say hello to your inner farmer and consider planting a little something in a pot, in the backyard, in the parking strip.

We’ll get to the ‘how’ in a few days. But first, what could it mean to grow food for the family plate? You’ll nurture soil and seed, watch it become a robust plant, nourish your own green thumb, put food on a plate that was harvested minutes, moments before; and then the bragging rights, the glory, there’s no end to that – at the dinner table you can make an acceptance speech and thank everyone who helped you.

The impression that is made on children who see how food is grown is profound: that food is not a compilation of ingredients off the grocery shelf, but derived from a growing living thing first; that it begins somewhere, often in the ground; that it requires nurturing and is precious.

Maybe plant some mesclun, the wild and spicy mix of small greens that grow easily, abundantly and then continue growing through several cuttings, the Energizer Bunny type. After about four – six weeks, (a longer growing period in early spring, less in summer) harvest a big handful, dress it and in moments enjoy salad from your own backyard.

Backyard veggie gardeners can improve the odds of a successful harvest and without getting too complicated. We’ll break it down, provide an easy way to start. From Plot to Plate we’ll call it, a weekly call to your inner farmer.

In the meantime, picture yourself getting close to a shovel, reaping the benefit of freshly picked whatever. Not the whole nine yards, just one vegetable to start with – maybe some spring lettuce, radishes or snow peas.


Next week, we’ll discuss soil. First, you have to have some, and then to understand that baby seeds want light, water, and minerals via that soil, their mother’s milk so to speak. We’ll get you going with that. In the meantime, visualize growing something good to eat and get to work on that acceptance speech. (Oh, and the gown.)


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  1. Sally and Bob, I haven’t yet taken the opportunity to leave a comment (until now, of course…) But I wanted to weigh in and say what a fabulous job you’re doing here! what a great little resource you’re putting together here! I’ve added you to my blog links list (hope that’s okay!)… you’re top of the list 😉


  2. FYI, Poppy and Sally are facilitating MixedGreens, with Bob as an occasional contributor, especially with gardening expertise. We’d like to know how the ‘going local’ scene looks in Vancouver, B.C. – I know you’re deeply committed. Keep us posted (so to speak), and thank you for input, Stu.