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Table Manners in the Kitchen


You know the deal darlin' . . . I cook and you clean up, but weren't the lobscouse and spotted dog so worth it?

Locavores from previous centuries savored Lobscouse, a sort of corn-beef hash, and Spotted Dog, a pudding with raisins.

Thanks to Medieval/Renaissance Food Clip-Art Collection

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  1. As you know, Sally, my husband is the chef in this household. The drawing reminds me of our tiny kitchen in Siena, Italy, when Bob was teaching there and I was … well, very busy drinking espresso and mangling the divine Italian language. Each night after Bob cooked dinner, the sink, table, counters, stove, top of refrigerator – every single surface! – was FULL of pots and pans and peelings and mixing bowls. After a delicious meal I’d give Bob a standing ovation as he headed out toward his easy chair, and then – hmm-m, WHERE would I put things so I could clean under where they’d been? WHERE could I put a clean washed dish – if I ever got the sink empty enough to wash one?
    Finally, I got an inspiration: THE FLOOR!
    I adore your website! Thank you for all the scrumptious recipes and beautiful photos. You’re inspiring me to get back in the kitchen again! Well, almost. Bob truly has the gift.

  2. Judy, I think that I actually had you and my Bob in mind with this. Also my sister Annie, who makes beautiful and messy meals.