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Why I Like Running Errands

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Because I literally run my errands. It has something to do with reducing my carbon footprint, but it is also about fresh air, truly interacting with my neighbors, and oh yeah, that 70 pounds that I needed to (and did) lose after my daughter, Lily, was born. I started out small, walking to video store with Lily in a stroller and eventually I had some 5-7 mile jogging days, running from home to the grocery store, the video and drug store, a visit with Nana and Grandpa, all with Lily in a jogging stroller.

The point was never to go a certain distance or burn a number of calories, but simply to get those things done in a day that the average mother of a small child must do. By not using my car, I got some vitamin D, my daughter introduced herself to our community, I got all of my errands done, I avoided the isolation and depression new moms can feel, and I lost a BUNCH of weight. Last but not least, in caring for my family and my child, I did not have to chose to do anything that would hurt another family or child on the other side of the world. Next time you have an errand to run, why not run your errand.


Krista Anderson, MixedGreens family member & guest contributor

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