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Winter at the Farmers Market


This time of year we have a few great options for shopping local and organic. On Saturdays, year-round, the University Farmers Market is open from 9-2. The Ballard Sunday Market is open Sundays 11-3 and the West Seattle Farmers Market is also Sundays 11-2 (rumor has it that West Seattle will NOT be closing at the end of February).

I do my main weekly grocery shopping on Saturday at the University Farmers Market letting myself be inspired by whatever I find fresh and appealing. If there are things I don’t find and need for a recipe, I can fill in by shopping at Whole Foods or PCC. The seasonal selection is amazing even at the darkest, dreariest time of the year. I love the adventure of going and discovering what I find without having to write a list ahead of time.

Lately, I am addicted to the pork from Wooly Pigs— expensive but a little goes a long way. Nina Planck in her compelling book, Real Food, has given us permission to eat more high quality animal fat. Not that I need much encouragement, but after all, what vegetable doesn’t taste better with a little chopped bacon or ham?

Take a look at the list of what’s fresh, ripe ‘n’ ready at the Farmers Markets.



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