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Mostly Local Chocolate



It’s mid-winter and there’s that local produce we’re so devoted to, but it happens to be the season for Valentines. We’ll return to the serious business of eating our vegetables later.

Indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure and then feel free to indulge a little more – these are ‘mostly local’ chocolates. No, we’re not growing chocolate here, at least not yet, hopefully never (if we can get a handle on climate change). What we do have are a handful of chocolatiers who are importing the raw material, often in the form of fair trade beans, and then making their own from scratch using some local/organic ingredients. They’re winning our hearts, receiving accolades and awards for their social and environmental responsibility.

Check out their websites to find out where they’re available –often in mainstream retail groceries or at the Chocolate Box downtown.

Fiori Chocolates

Theo Chocolates

Fran’s Chocolate

Chocolate Vitale

It’s Valentine’s Day. Melt someone’s heart, in a good way. DSC_0073




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