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Tomatoes! (0)

A garden full of tomatoes again this summer, a dozen varieties, so I’m doing my August/September thing, drying cherry tomatoes by the dozens and roasting the bigger ones for sauce (including some of the greenish ones). Along the way I eat more than my fair share of them raw, and they’re an ingredient in nearly […]

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Get Started: Plant Some Greens
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Vegetable starts, I love you. For years, I was under the illusion that since planting seeds takes longer, I should garden the slow way. Now I know better. Don’t get me wrong, planting seeds is a great option, especially if you want a particular variety or if you plan to do successive planting. For my […]

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Feast of Field and Stream, A Farm to Table Dinner
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Labor Day Weekend plans? We thought we’d entice you with this farm to table dinner in the Methow Valley next weekend. They’ll serve a sumptuous meal of locally grown and harvested food in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. And do they have summer! Go get some while it lasts. Feast of Field and Stream, Farm to Table […]

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DIY: Cup of Noodle Soup

I never know what to eat for lunch. A sandwich feels like too much, a salad not quite enough. Soup is just right but unless I’ve made a pot of homemade, I’m out of luck because I want something fast, easy AND fresh. I’m here to tell you that I’ve found the perfect solution to […]