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Resurrecting Rhubarb-Thyme Jam, Pie, & Alice’s Soufflé (Comments Off)

Want something sassy and hot pink for supper? In a word, rhubarb: rhubarb-thyme jam (like a chutney), and rhubarb pie. Preceded by a light and airy, easy-to-make souffle. Aaaah, springtime. We never think to smell the rhubarb, it has way too much competition right about now, but we should. It’s a robust and gorgeous big-boned […]

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Botanical Alchemy with India Flint

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking an awe-inspiring natural dye workshop with Australian textile artist, India Flint who describes herself as a “maker of marks, forest wanderer & tumbleweed, stargazer & stitcher, botanical alchemist & string twiner, working traveler, dreamer, writer.” That description alone was all the encouragement I needed to sign […]

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Oh Dear: Our Local Blacktail Deer

The solstice is less than 3 weeks away but the long days already feel like summer. Many of us will be heading out to the San Juan Islands to enjoy nature and undoubtedly, we’ll encounter at least one and more likely, several black-tailed deer. Locals have a love-hate relationship with these gentle animals. They’re beautiful […]

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Feast of Field and Stream, A Farm to Table Dinner

Labor Day Weekend plans? We thought we’d entice you with this farm to table dinner in the Methow Valley next weekend. They’ll serve a sumptuous meal of locally grown and harvested food in a breathtakingly beautiful setting. And do they have summer! Go get some while it lasts. Feast of Field and Stream, Farm to Table […]

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Christmas Brunch: Make a Lotta Strata

Christmas morning is quite possibly my favorite time of the entire year. Presents have been wrapped and exchanged, family is gathered together, Christmas Eve dinner leaves lots of leftovers for snacking during the day but oh yeah, what can I serve for Christmas brunch that doesn’t take me away from sitting and savoring that most […]